October 18, 2019
  • Mafex 15th Anniversary, special issue

    Víctor Ruíz Piñeiro, President of Mafex

    Mafex 15th Anniversary Dear Partners and Friends, Since 2006, I have had the honour of chairing Mafex, an association that was ahead of its time and was able to meet the internationalisation needs of Spanish [...]
  • Mafex 15th Anniversary, special issue

    The importance of Mafex in the railway sector

    Special, 15th Anniversary of Mafex: The association receives congratulatory messages for its 15 year career pat   Isaías Táboas Suárez, President of Renfe “From within Renfe, we firmly believe in the importance of having the [...]

Destination: Nordic countries

In depth: Wales & Bordes