Assignia will carry out the extension of Sabadell railway between the stations of Plaza Mayor and Plaza de España

Assignia Infraestructuras is one of the companies that will participate in the extension of the FGC railway Sabadell track. Assignia, together with Benito Arnó company, will perform the works of the track and catenary superstructure, on the section between the stations of Plaza Mayor and Plaza de España with a length of two kilometers of double track.

The budget of the contract is, approximately, eleven million euros and its duration of 15 months.

Because of the characteristics of the track (urban and underground) and to reduce the vibration and the noise, the railway will be constructed on top of a floating slab, made up with precast reinforced concrete, and supported by elastomers, directly above the concrete base. The electrification works will be carried out using a rigid catenary system, type PAC-110 and an oval contact wire of 150 mm2, because of the reduced gauge inside the tunnel. This solution, applied to underground tracks, enables the replacement of the contact wire by a supporting cable, reduces the use of feeders and, in case of a power outage, it allows the faster replacement of a contact wire section.

This work is carried out within the FGC railway extension project in Sabadell, corresponding to a 4.4-kilometre new section, including four stations (Plaza Mayor, Eix Macià-Cruz Alta, Plaza de España and Ca n’Oriac), the renovation and burying works of Sabadell train station and the construction of sheds at Ca n’Oriac, at the end of the railway line.