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Extension of the tram.under construction

Since its entry into service on May 1, 2013, the city of Oran has a new mode of transport linking the Western area of Essenia Sidi Maarouf. It consists of 18.7 kilometres and 32 stations. … Sigue leyendo →

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Public transport in the city is expan­ding its subway and tram line to sa­tisfy population increase.

Metro extension under construction

Algiers is currently immersed in the ex­pansion of its subway. Subway cars come from Spain, specifically manufactured by CAF. 14 … Sigue leyendo →

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Trams: public tender for the realization

Both cities are, in July 2015, tendering its execution. In the case of the city of Annaba, Entreprise du Métro d’Alger has selected the consortium of Dae­woo and GS Engineering & Construc­tion to build … Sigue leyendo →

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Line 2 Metro de Lima

The path of line 2 will go from East to West and will connect 13 districts. Works began last December and is estimated to be operational in 2020.

The works of Metro Lima’s Line 2, along with the branch of … Sigue leyendo →

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Line 3 Metro de Lima

The connection between the south and north of the city of Lima will take place with line 3. Although currently there is a pre-investment phase, Lima’s Metro is estimated to have a length of 30 km.

Line 3, connecting the … Sigue leyendo →

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Line 4 Metro de Lima

The east-west corridor will be conducted by Metro de LIma’s line 4, connecting also with the international airport.

Lima’s line 4 constitutes an east-west corridor, benefiting the popu­lation of at least ten districts in its area of direct influence. It … Sigue leyendo →

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Some MAFEX partners in Lima’s Metro


Bombardier was responsible for Rail Control Solutions to Enhance Travel for More Passengers in Lima, Peru. Metro Lima project adds to Bombardier’s presence in providing signalling solutions in fast-growing South American markets. Up to 350,000 passengers a … Sigue leyendo →