Sener: High Speed innovation

Sener has undertaken a signifi­cant number of innovative In­frastructures and Transport pro­jects. These include important High Speed rail projects with the Adminis­trator of Railway Infrastructures-Adif, such as the Madrid – Barcelona lines, whose trains are already running at 300 km/hour. … Sigue leyendo →

In depth

Chennai metro

◗ Number of lines: 2 (under construction) + 5 proposed
◗ Number of stations: 41
◗ Number of daily passengers: 666,000
◗ Operator: Chennai Metro Rail Limited
◗ Length: 117 km

Chennai Metro project, currently under con­struction, is expected to … Sigue leyendo →

In depth

Gurgaon metro

It is linked to the yellow line of the Delhi Metro although it is independent. Also, the second phase is currently being conducted, expected to reach completion in 2015.

◗ Owner: Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon Ltd. (RMGL)
◗ Number of lines: … Sigue leyendo →