CETEST Portable Suspension Characterization Test Bench

One critical test for new or modified rolling stock homologation is the assessment of their running characteristics (EN 14363 standard). CETEST, as an accredited ISO17025 laboratory, developed a portable test bench to perform this test anywhere, anytime.

The vehicle performance is assessed in two stages. First, the basic characteristics and low speed behavior are investigated. In the second stage, the running behavior is assessed.

As part of the first stage, there are different methods to ensure that the vehicles can run safely on twisted track, i.e. provide safety against the risk of low-speed wheel climb derailments because of high lateral forces and reduced vertical wheel forces (Y/Q coefficient).

To measure the reduction of the vertical wheel force, CETEST uses their portable platforms that are able to simulate a twisted track. They have been designed and equipped for accurately applying the desired cross-level values to any vehicle axle and measuring the wheel loads, for the characterization of rail vehicle suspension systems.

CETEST packages these platforms in crates and ships them to manufacturing sites, maintenance depots, or other locations for testing the vehicle roll coefficient, wheel unloading or the determination of its center of gravity. In this way, customer does not move their vehicles, and saves time, money and risk.

Once on-site, the platforms are positioned at the appropriate distance to accommodate each vehicle’s axle.

All of the platforms are controlled by a single centralized controller, which can be configured to lift any individual point or lift multiple points at the same time. The controller receives the inclinometer signals and ensures that all axles reach the desired cross level values in a synchronized manner. CETEST solution is adaptable to any type of vehicle and wheelbase. These test benches are used for giving an accredited test service according to the EN 14363. CETEST has different sets of these platforms and has been given test services to their customers all over the world (Spain, USA, Brazil, New Zealand, India…). The laboratory invests in R&D projects every year to enhance their performance and give a better and more flexible service.