DF Rail invests in a new foundry facility

DF Rail has recently concluded a € 12 million investment at the construction and equipments of a new foundry facility for the manufacturing of Manganese steel crossings.
This new foundry occupies a total surface of 6.000 m2 at DF Rail’s plant in Mieres (Asturias), and has been constructed over 18 working months.
The plant is environmentally friendly, as at its design all the exigent environmental restrictions have been considered referring to atmosphere emissions, noises, suspended particles, etc, …, being equipped with sand mechanical and thermic regeneration systems.

The production capacity is approximately 1.000 crossings per year, having the possibility of treating crossings up to 12 meters long.

This new facility will let DF Rail be much more effective and efficient from the production point of view, transmitting those improvements to the final quality of the product as well as to its cost.