Ecocomputer S.L. extends its Passenger Information System for mobile devices

Renfe has launched some measures to improve the service on the Passenger Information System in place in its narrow gauge network by implementing RailMan® DSS Mobile, system where hardware are labels with QR and NFC technology installed on railway stations.
With this solution, even in unstaffed stations or without any other passenger information system, users have on their smartphone real time information about available railway services.

Traveller does not need any app. After reading a QR code or closing the mobile to the NFC tags, a web is popped up with the railway services, stop scheduled time, delays or cancelled services. Furthermore, from each train service a list of stops and timetables is showed.

More than 1.200 labels have been installed in 332 stations and halts. Backoffice allows management to count on some valuable information about users and geolocation.