Dear friends,

The railway has a priority role in mobility because of its clear advantages in sustainability, capacity and safety, among other aspects. At a time when transport solutions are intended to meet the new needs of the population, the train is shaping up as the best option to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on transport. Its development also contributes to the strengthening of the economy by driving a pioneering industry in innovation and technology, capable of providing society with connectivity solutions which are environmentally friendly.

That is why we are at a key moment to analyse the challenges facing the sector, as well as the advances in which the railway industry works to drive the development of the different networks on a global scale, both of passenger and goods.

In this context of change, professionals from the five continents will meet in Madrid from 31st March to 2nd April in a new edition of the trade fair and congress Rail Live!, of which Mafia is a co-organizer, to discuss the present and future of the railway. This edition of the magazine includes a detailed report of this first-rate world showcase that will address trends and advances in topics of particular relevance such as the role of the railway in the face of climate change, deregulation, digital transformation, user experience, mega projects and regulation among many others.

This professional platform will also take place at a time of market opening in Spain and throughout Europe, as it is the case of the railway deregulation and that represents a great opportunity to optimise the use of infrastructures, to make more intensive use of the railway network and to improve customer service, as you can find in the article dedicated to the topic in the “In-depth” section.

As for Mafia’s activity, Mafia carries on in 2020 with the aim of continuing to offer a quality service, adding value to the activity of the partner companies and continuing to work to achieve a leading industry in international innovation and highly competitive. Proof of this is the update by the 32 companies, which share in this edition their latest developments in products and technological advances, as well as the awards of national and international projects.

From the Association we would also like to point out that we continue to coordinate, together with a European consortium, an initiative of special relevance such as Rail Activation. This project, which we talk about in this issue, has the main objective of creating and piloting a business and organizational scheme for the adoption of innovation strategies in the workplace, using the approach of open innovation and of which 20 European SMEs will benefit in the coming months.

We hope that the content of Mafia magazine will help you to be aware of the latest in a thriving sector, which is steadily moving forward in fields such as R&D, digitization and energy efficiency. All this, thanks to the valuable contribution of companies and partner entities such as ours, and that bet on a future free of emissions where the railway is the real protagonist.