The V300ZEFIRO, equipped with the CBM system to support maintenance activities

Manufactured by Bombardier in collaboration with Hitachi, it is equipped with Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) system, which has several control devices both inside and outside the vehicle.

The CBM functionality applied to high voltage and propulsion systems observes the operation of various sub-systems, which is used in order to determine the need for inspection and/or maintenance of the vehicle. This assists in predicting imminent component failures such that they can be addressed before the functioning of the train is affected.

At the same time, CBM aim is to reduce maintenance costs significantly as the preventive maintenance activities will be performed based on components or sub-systems monitored actual status, not on a pure and simple predefined time base, avoiding substitution of components that are still in good enough operative conditions.

The propulsion and high voltage components that are monitored via CBM in the mentioned train are listed below:
◗ AC and DC line circuit breakers
◗ AC and DC switches
◗ Bearings of fans and pumps included in cooling systems
◗ Heat exchangers and cooling air filters
◗ Charging circuits components (contactors, inductors and capacitors) of the propulsion converter
◗ Traction motor
◗ Gear box
The magnitudes monitored to determine need for inspection and/or maintenance are mainly:
◗ Number of operation for breakers, switches and contactors, and number of operating hours for motors.
◗ Opening and closing times of breakers and contactors.
◗ In case of the DC breaker, number of openings due to overcurrents.
◗ Charging time of filters, to detect degradations of filter components.
◗ Vibrations produced by degraded bearings of traction motors, gear boxes, and motors of fans and pumps.
◗ Clogging condition of the air filters and so proper air flow in forced ventilated cooling systems.