IDOM finalizes PPP Metro Riel Project in Guatemala


As a leading company in the design of tram and light metro systems, IDOM has implemented tramway projects in more than 50 cities in 17 countries, all in all, over 760 km.

For Guatemala, IDOM has designed and developed successfully a feasibility study of the system for the public entities ANADIE, PRONACOM, FEGUA and the Municipality of Guatemala. Based on this study, an international tender will be launched for the design, construction and operation of the system, under a public-private partnership agreement.

In order to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by this rail corridor, IDOM has proposed a LRT (light rail transit) technical solution. Running along 21 km and stopping at 20 stations, it is expected that over 250,000 passengers will use the service on a daily basis. Known as Metro Riel, the corridor will connect the different points, on the north and south of the city, where passengers can interchange between the different modes of transport available. The line adapts to the urban environment through which it runs, either on a segregated track with overpasses, or along a dedicated tram lane which is shared with other modes of transport (using traffic lights to give right-of-way at the intersections).

This is an ambitious project with an estimated budget of USD 770 million, covering not just Metro Riel but also 10 km of new streets and roads in the city. Apart from reducing travel time, one of the main objectives is to improve the quality of the public transport system in general.

To achieve the objectives, IDOM has designed a rail system using low-floor rolling stock, with capacity for up to 440 passengers and the possibility of operating with multiple units. At peak times, the service will be every three minutes, and will have a maximum speed of 27 km/h in commercial operation.