Indra will deploy its innovative ASFA Digital beacons in Spain

Indra is to equip more than 2,600 generic and fixed speed limit beacons with ASFA Digital technology for the Valladolid Railroad Technology Center in the northern region of the country, under a contract awarded by Adif.
The company will deploy an innovative proprietary solution, InVITALRAIL ASFA-WAY, which it developed to enhance and drive the evolution of wayside signaling and control for trains.
This groundbreaking wayside ATP system (automatic train protection) was made possible by the company’s huge R&D commitment. It has been awarded top-level SIL 4 safety certification – the highest in the railroad sector. This wayside system is deployed in conjunction with the onboard ASFA Digital component fitted on trains. It provides continuous speed supervision, and will enact automatic braking should trains exceed signal limits at any given time.

The Spanish ASFA system is used on most conventional railroads, and is a backup system on high speed lines, ensuring automatic protection for trains up to top speeds of 200 km/h.

ASFA Digital beacons include new features, double-checking signals and ensuring constant supervision of trains at all times. A train will therefore automatically come to a halt should the driver fail to comply with a given signal or speed limit. Furthermore, ASFA Digital is able to work independently or as a backup for more advanced train control systems that allow faster speeds, such as the European ERTMS system.

This Indra solution is part of InVITALRAIL, a groundbreaking technology platform for critical railroad safety systems, also developed by the company. This comprehensive railroad signaling platform harnesses technology developed entirely in Spain and meets the most stringent quality, reliability and safety standards – each system has secured SIL 4 security certification, the highest available in the railroad industry. It is a generic platform and guarantees interoperability with any system from any supplier. It has already been tested and certified, and is being deployed on a number of projects in Spain and internationally.