LANDER moves into the African continent alongside SETRAM

Most of Algeria, the largest country on the African continent, is taken up by the Sahara desert, and it is divided from east to west by a double barrier of mountains. It has a population of over 40 million and a surface area of 2.3 million kilometres (almost 5 times the size of Spain).

The country has many peculiarities such as, for example, the fact that modern Algeria is one of the few countries with a tram system operating in 7 different cities (Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Sidi Bel Abbes, Ouargla, Mostaganem and Sétif). The main entity responsible for this major contribution to the improvement of infrastructures is SETRAM, a body which was created from an agreement between the Algiers Metro Company (EMA) and French group RATP Dev.

Now, 8 years on after implementation of its first tram system, SETRAM has opened its innovative simulation unit for the training of tram drivers. This was developed alongside LANDER, and one of its peculiarities is that it includes software to support all 7 networks and their respective signalling systems and tram cars.

The purchase is part of the effort that RATP Dev has been making in recent years to make a contribution to local development, hiring and capacitating over 2,000 people, transferring its technical knowledge and, in 2017, opening the Rail Capacitation Institute in Algiers, now also home to the simulator capacitation centre.