Lima increases its metro network

The ministry of transport and communications of lima is embracing an ambitious infrastructure plan for the construction of 6 subway lines.

Lima’s metro will travel through the capital of Peru. The increase in population that commutes daily to the city has led to convert it into a circulatory chaos. Cur­rently, the city has a population of 9 million and at least 30% requires an efficient and fast transport. The Ministry of Transport and Communi­cations designed the creation of six subway lines to improve transport conditions.

Currently, line 2 is already under construction, as well as the branch of the future line 4. Final works are taking place at the moment, as well as station location and air reserve for the remaining lines 3, 4, 5 and 6, which are, each, in dif­ferent phases of the project. The Minister of Transport and Com­munications, Carlos Paredes, said earlier this year that all lines will be concessioned before 2016.

This investment in metropolitan rail transport aims to ensure urban transport to be more comfortable and secure.