LUZNOR works together with ANM in Naples

The public transport company from the city of Naples in Italy, ANM – Azienda Napoletana Mobilità SpA, has incorporated in its subway vehicles a rechargeable LED signalling torch, specially designed by LUZNOR. The model LRFT-3BRYV-B-R contains a single high-efficiency high-power RGBW LED as the main light source with the possibility to light up in four different colours being white, red, yellow and green.

Besides, the torch includes a frontal white signalling crown with 12x white LEDs and a rear red signalling beacon light with 12x red LEDs. Moreover, the torch has three levels of constant lighting and three types of intermittency on the front part. LUZNOR used the most modern technology in its design and construction in order to achieve both a pleasant ergonomics and aesthetics as well as great resistance and reliability.