MAINRAIL digitalise maintenance of the Zaragoza Tramway

MainRail, a startup founded by CEIT and INYCOM, has finished their software platform deploiment, to digitalise the maintenance operations of the energy and electrification system of the Zaragoza tramway.

 MainRail is a software solution developed by the startup MainRail Solutions, and it will make it possible to record the various inspections directly in this solution, automating the results analysis and allowing the operations carried out by railway administrators and maintenance companies. As a result, not only are operations optimised in order to reduce maintenance costs, but the quality of work carried out increases and the useful life of assets is extended.

In times of pandemic, MainRail even makes it possible to reduce risk interactions and situations, as the teams that carry out work on the ground don’t even need to go to the maintenance bases to pick up or submit work orders.

This platform is also linked to the IBM MAXIMO ERP of the Zaragoza tramway itself, meaning that both the incidents and their solutions are updated automatically in both systems.

What’s more, as the historical data of each part to be maintained in a digital platform is made available, digital twins and artificial intelligence algorithms may be fed, which will make it possible, in the medium term, to use predictive maintenance models to anticipate future situations instead of reacting to situations which have already happened.

MainRail is modular software which is specifically designed to digitalise railway infrastructure maintenance, designed by the technological centre CEIT and the software specialist company INYCOM.

After checking the functionality and market interest in this solution, both firms have set up a new company in order to market MainRail and continue to develop it.

“After two pilot and business cases with Catalonian Railway Administrator (FGC) and Barcelona Metropolitan Transport (TMB), this is the first time we have implemented something commercial that starts being used on the day by day works of the maintenance operations management,” says Jorge Rodríguez, CEO of MainRail, “This is a very big step for us and fortunately, we are starting new implementations.  We can only thank our clients for backing our platform to make it possible for them to improve the way in which their railway maintenance services are managed”.