Metro of Ho Chi Minh “Award for best Engineering Project Abroad 2015”

In late 2015, the College of Civil Engineering, Canals and Ports of Spain, in recognition of the growing importance of the Spanish Engineering in the international arena, awarded IDOM the “Award for Best Engineering Project Abroad” for line 5 of the Ho Chi Minh Metro. 

The merits for this distinction to IDOM are based on the technical, manufacturing and design quality of the project and its contribution to improving quality of life and respect for the environment.

1. social significance and improving the quality of life

The project impacts on the lives of more than two million people, reducing travel times, mitigating environmental pollution and contributing to the process of modernization of the entire city.

2. Technical and functional excellence: sustainable and efficient

The project, based on its functional suitability and technical suitability, rests on a strict use of resources and a choice of solutions and processes, not seeking to be iconic or singular, but the most necessary and efficient.

3. Relevance of the contribution in a multicultural setting

The Spanish contribution is especially significant as it forms part of a small group of countries such as Japan, China, Korea and Germany, cooperating in the design and financing of the metro in Vietnam.