New bogie generation for Citylink – One train for two systems

Vossloh España consolidates its leadership in the segment of the train-trams with the new generation of light rail vehicles, the Citylink.

Citylink is a modular and versatile light rail vehicle family customizable to fit any network requirements and mobility demands maintaining core features as bogies, body shell structure design and dynamic concept which benefits each project with standardized and reliable solutions.

CityLink platform covers from tramway applications up to full train regional operations at 100km/h; it has been approved for both types of operations according to BOStrab and main line EBO/EN, UK (GMRT)  regulations. It is a tramway perfectly adapted for urban services thanks to a very powerful braking system and an impressive visibility combined with regional rail performances like its excellent running dynamics and a heavy rail crash-energy management system.

A new bogie generation design is the core of the main successful features of the Citylink vehicle:

1. Barrier-free low-floor vehicle: Thanks to the exceptional low height of the bogie, the compartments are low-floor throughout with smooth and gentle longitudinal ramps allowing easy access even of persons of limited mobility.

2. Easy access for different platform types: Doors can be located at different heights to use existent infrastructure platforms without extra investments.

3. Excellent riding quality and comfort: The compact bogies with secondary pneumatic suspension offer the comfort and riding experience of the regional trains but in a low-floor tram size vehicle.

4. Designed for any network, even old tram tracks: The compact lightweight bogie with its torsional properties and suspension concept ensure smooth and quiet running even on vintage tracks where irregularities are frequently encountered. The Citylink is also able to negotiate narrow curves of 22m of radius providing the benefit of being used in existing curved streets without infrastructure adaptation.

The family CityLink started with the metric gauge projects for Alicante (FGV) and later on for Mallorca (SFM) in Spain, but jumped one step forward with the international gauge development which allowed Vossloh to offer a barrier free, modern and very high-tech vehicle solution. Currently, Vossloh is delivering successfully electric vehicles to Karlsruhe (750Vdc), hybrid ones to Chemnitz (Diesel-750Vdc) and dual ones to Sheffield (750Vdc-25KVa). Today, CityLink family has become a worldwide reference for all tram-trains systems.