Siemens connects Barcelona to its airport through the longest driverless line in Europe

Last February, the new section of Line 9 in Barcelona Metro between Zona Universitària and Aeroport de Barcelona – El Prat, 19.6 kilometers long, with fifteen stations and Siemens signaling systems and automatic driverless operation was inaugurated. After opening this new section, Line 9 in Barcelona Metro becomes the longest driverless line in Europe.

Siemens has developed and installed the signaling and traffic control system in this line, Trainguard MT; a CBTC (Communications-Based Train Control) system for automatic driverless operation, based on communication between train and trackside via radio. This automatic driving system by Siemens has already been commissioned in Paris, New York, Sao Paulo and Budapest metros, among others.

The Trainguard MT system automatically performs functions such as start-up, speed supervision, traction and brake control, stop and turnover in terminals, as well as doors opening and closing in units and platforms.

Currently, a 25 % of the entire Barcelona Metro network already operates driverless (Grade of Automation, GOA 4) thanks to Siemens technology.

Siemens also developed the first phase signaling of this line, along 11 kilometers and 12 stations, which entered into commercial operation in December, 2009.