South Africa, flora, fauna, deserts, sea… A country that will make your stay unforgettable

If what you like is to know other cultures, visit the ancient African tribes, Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele etc. with whom you can share your culture. In addition, you should certainly visit the most emblematic cities: Cape Town, with its strong Dutch influence and its Vineyard Route; Johannesburg, “the forest city” and the richest in the country, which owes its existence to the discovery and exploitation of vast deposits of gold; Soweto, home of the resistance to apartheid, today vibrant example of an urban black society; Pretoria, “Garden City” and administrative capital of the nation; Durban, modern resort on the Indian Ocean with beautiful beaches and warm waters all year round.

Another interesting point on the route is the town of Oudtshoorn where you can visit the Cango caves and explore its many tunnels that lead to tremendous rooms filled with stalactites and stalagmites that create together huge natural columns. In addition to the Cango Caves, Oudtshoorn is famous because in it there are numerous ostrich farms. You can take a ride on an ostrich, try ostrich meat or omelette and buy all sorts of items.


And how could it be otherwise, if you have time, you should not pass taking a safari in the famous Kruger, where you can observe the animals in the middle of wildlife. It has about 2,000 kms of roads to explore the wilderness on this famous park. An area of 18,989 square kilometres, which is the home of a huge number of impalas, more than 30,000 zebras, 17,000 wildebeest, 12,000 elephants…. The best way to discover its treasures is in a jeep, guided by professionals who will be happy to explain details and curiosities about its fauna and vegetation in the most idyllic corners of the park.

The Sea and the beach

The Sea is another attraction offered in this country. You can dive with sharks and along your journey through the Garden Route you will find the opportunity to observe the great white shark in its natural habitat.

This magnificent creature is very common in the area, especially in the waters of Gansbaai, a picturesque town located near Hermanus, about 200 km from Cape Town.

But if you what you really need is relax, you can enjoy some of the best beaches in all of Africa. Cape Town is the area that offers the most spectacular beaches. Long Beach is a captivating beach with 4 km long. It is the best place to walk by the sea or even for horseback riding. Another good beach area is Clifton Beach, and of course, the most popular area of the city, the Garden Route. Here we must highlight Pittenberg Bay, a beautiful bay to relax and enjoy the ocean.

Durban is undoubtedly the city with the most beach culture, as what they call Beachfront is like a town centre linked to the beach. Of course, Durban is also a mecca for windsurfing beaches thanks to the wind. And in the southern part of the city there are also excellent beaches for diving.