United Kingdom, the perfect place to have fun

The UK is a country with a full range of leisure offers in which the traveler won’t have time to rest. we give you some tips to make the most of your stay in this country.

London, the capital and eco­nomic, cultural, commercial and political centre of the country, is known for its historical develop­ment, the offer of leisure activities, numerous world-class museums and its prominent position as a trading centre.
Edinburgh and its historic centre invite you to discover some of the wonders of Scotland, including Edinburgh Cas­tle, the Saint Giles Cathedral or the National Gallery of Scotland.

Glasgow is a cosmopolitan place with on-going activity. We must highlight the cultural activities that can be enjoyed in the King’s Theatre, the Theatre Royal, Citizens Theatre, the Kelvingrove Museum, the Gal­lery of Modern Art (GoMA) and the Burrell Collection highlights.

Manchester, the city that was the emblem of the Industrial Revolution, is known for its history embodied in modern museums and entertain­ment proposals.

Canterbury, a prominent religious centre, invites the faithful believers to enter the Cathedral.

The Highlands of Scotland, a moun­tainous and sparsely populated area, radiates with natural beauty and im­merses the traveller in the most mys­terious and wild part of the UK.

Nottingham, the land of well-known legends such as Robin Hood.


Preferred for nightlife venues are Soho and Covent Garden. But if there is something typical in the British capital, is the tea. So do not miss a visit to the Ritz to the Savoy. These are the main places to take afternoon tea.


The epicentre of nightlife is the pas­sage Mathew Street. One of the sites where one can always find something to eat and drink is Wetherspoon. It’s like a franchise of pubs where you can have, of course, good pints of beer and at the same time, eat something typical from pubs: sandwiches, burgers, nachos…


The best place to go is the area of Ca­nal St. Do not miss visiting Richmond Tea Rooms, where you can enjoy an extensive menu with delicious dishes, but remember to leave a gap to try one of their delicious cakes.


Nightlife areas are near the royal mille in the old town. Remember to make time for lunch or dinner at the baked potatoes shop: over 30 years offering good vegetarian or vegan food variety.