Wiener Linien takes tram simulation to a new dimension

Since December, Vienna transport operator Wiener Linien has had access to a new tram simulation system for its Siemens ULF vehicles and the new Bombardier Flexity units.

The simulation system’s hardware is composed of two training stations with a replica of the driving console, one for the Siemens vehicle and another for the Bombardier vehicle. The training stations have an impressive new display system with 5 vertical screens and virtually invisible frames. Each of them also features the three degrees of freedom movement system designed by LANDER. The units also have three instructor stations and two observation stations.

The main feature of this project, however, was not the actual hardware, but the ultra-clear vision of all Wiener Linien’s tram staff concerning the training tool they chose to add to their training centre in Vienna’s Simmering district. The software has innumerable minor functions to give the tram simulator a hitherto unknown level of training reliability.

The functions include the possibility of adding questionnaires for trainees, dynamic visual information on the lateral distances between trams and a range of objects around them, the possibility of simulating an endless number of hazardous situations and training events for Wiener Linien’s tram operations, an eye-tracking system, and many others.