Zaragoza depot opens up to digitalization

CAF has selected the depot in Zaragoza for the “Digital Depot” project, a pioneer technological and cultural transformation that involves new tools and services that ease the train fleet Operation and Maintenance efficiently.

The Zaragoza depot maintains the Urbos’ trams fleet that operates in the city and has 30 million passengers yearly. Among the new solutions, LeadMind (, the platform operated by CAF Digital Services is being implemented. This platform offers many benefits such as condition-based maintenance, improved diagnosis and real-time decision-making all these contributing to avoid repetitive breakdowns.

The ‘Digital Depot’ project also includes other digital services such as the implementation of tablets in order to eliminate the use of paper on daily activity, tool calibration controlled by NFC and a mobile APP to control the warehouses, among others.

The goal by the end of 2020 is to reduce the maintenance costs in 10% by reducing the maintenance tasks, component and equipment life extension as well as the asset management improvement.