2017 CAF results

The CAF Group closed the year 2017 with a backlog of orders at record highs. Specifically, this stood at 6,265 million euros. The bulk of this portfolio continues to be located internationally, especially in European countries. The consolidated net turnover amounted to 1,477 million euros, an increase by 12% from year 2016, with an increasing relevance of sales from Europe.

The EBITDA Margin at the end of December 2017 was 180 million euros and The Company’s Profit before Corporate Tax hit 68 million euros. The Net Year Profit after Corporate Tax was reported at: 43 million Euro.

Suburban trains for the new line between Mexico City and Toluca, Civity type units for NS in The Netherlands, regional trains for the Northern franchise and cars for the Caledonian Sleepers franchise, both in the UK, as well as metro units for Santiago de Chile, constitute the main manufacturing projects in progress during 2017 financial year.