7th MAFEX International Railway Convention – International guest statements

How would you assess the Spanish railway industry?


Abeer M. Abdelwahab Khanfar, QAIA Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Ministry of Transport (JORDANIA)

“Spain has a highly advanced railway industry with widespread experience and cutting-edge solutions. We hope to be able to turn to its companies in the major construction project involving the freight transport network that we have planned in Jordan”.


Carlos Estremadoyro Mory, Peruvian Deputy Transport Minister (PERÚ)

“The Spanish railway industry is very consolidated, not solely in the sphere of infrastructures, but also in aspects involving technology and management, as can be clearly seen in Peru. This progress is somewhat significant in its ability to develop new projects, as what is sought in these cases is comprehensive accompaniment between aspects. In addition, there is a special bond thanks to the affinity we have with Spain, along with the language, which facilitates collaboration with the industry, as well as with MAFEX’s partners, which has proven itself to be cutting-edge”.


Celeste D. Lauta , Planning Manager of the Department of Transportation of the Philippines National Railways (PNR)  (FILIPINAS)

“The Spanish railway industry associated with Mafex is highly consolidated throughout the world. Currently, it enjoys a marked presence in the Philippines, and we hope to have their products and services as suppliers in the large projects planned in the country under the “Philippine National Railways” (PNR) plan.


Jesús Lugmaña

Head of Railway Transport at the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (ECUADOR)

“Spanish history in railway transport for us is a model to follow and implement in Ecuador. The services provided are highly efficient, both for passenger, as well as freight rail. The companies associated with MAFEX stand out for their specialisation. They perform wholescale accompaniment tasks ranging from the design, construction and operational stages. They have wide-ranging experience that has spread internationally and ability to adapt to the specific requirements of each country, alongside the needs of each project”.

Sandra Rueda,Railways and Port Manager of the Deputy Presidency of Structuring at the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI)  (COLOMBIA)

“The Spanish railway sector is very sturdy. We know it well as it has already been involved in wide-ranging experience in the development of certain transport projects in Colombia. It has forged a noteworthy path in our country and boasts competitive companies who are well aware of our needs, as well as the technical conditions demanded. MAFEX’s partners can offer very good conditions in terms of products and services”.


Jan Erik Schneider-Tilli, Programme Director de Banedanmark (DINAMARCA)

“I am suitably impressed by the major strides the Spanish railway industry has made since the eighties. The high-speed network that it has developed its industry is a major infrastructure with remarkable benefits for passengers. It is also relevant from an environmental viewpoint, since it contributes to a more sustainable transport model. With regard to its business network, I have had very positive experiences working with the Spanish sector associated with Mafex. Together with ADIF, we have collaborated with Spanish engineering on large projects in Denmark with highly satisfactory results”.


Baba Diankha

Technical Director of the Agence Nationale des Chemins de Fer (ANCF) (SENEGAL)

“I had the opportunity to attend the Mafex International Railway Convention and discover a deep-rooted industry with solid experience. In Senegal, Spanish companies are already operating, and we hope that this collaboration will continue in forthcoming years”.


Sim Wee Meng, Senior Group Director of Rail Land Transportation Authority (SINGAPUR)

“I think Mafex’s Spanish railway companies have improved greatly in recent years and have earned welldeserved international recognition around the world. For example, in terms of signalling systems, in Singapore we have been working with them for a long time and I make constant trips to Spain to continue our joint projects. I also think that Spanish engineers are excellent professionals, highly qualified and operating to the very highest standards”.