A complete conference agenda to discuss the future of the sector

Once again the Rail Live! conference counts with the key players in the railway sector: senior officials of public administrations, railway operators, infrastructure managers and members of associations and entities linked to the world of rail transport. Many presentations by technology providers, manufacturers, consulting, and engineering services will also be included. During two consecutive days, more than 200 experts from around the world will analyse in detail the challenges and opportunities of the railway, as well as the investments planned to continue with its implementation, in addition to the innovative solutions developed by the industry.

Rail Live! 2021 is a highly anticipated event for the entire industry, which takes place at an essential moment of transformation of the sector. With this international reunion, the face-to-face agenda is resumed after the pandemic, taking all the corresponding health measures.

Official opening
This professional platform, which has already become an international benchmark as a focus for analysis of the sector and trends, will begin on 30th November in Madrid. Immediately after the welcoming words to be done by the director of Terrapinn, Sean Willis and the president of the Spanish Railway Association (Mafex) Víctor Ruíz, as organisers of the event. The opening ceremony will be held by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez.

Matchday 1, 30th November
The agenda of the first day of the congress has more than 71 conferences that will cover various topics of special relevance. The invited experts will talk about aspects related to energy, Mobility as a Service, the integration of different modes of transport, as well as station financing, cybersecurity, infrastructure maintenance, artificial intelligence, automation, climate neutrality, etc. To know all the details of these, the highest ranked representa

tives have been invited, both from public administrations and railway network operators, as well as from specialist companies in each of the sub-sectors who will present their latest developments.

The sections are organised in major themes that cover all aspects related to infrastructure, operation, safety, implementation of new technologies, personalised passenger services, intermodality, digitalisation, energy efficiency, security, or environment, among other aspects.

The panel will begin with a round of interviews with presidents and senior officials of companies in the sector, which will give a complete vision of how the sector is and where it is heading. Among such companies are Renfe, Adif, Ouigo and Arriva along with CAF, Talgo, Ineco, Ingeteam and Alstom.

This section will discuss the new opportunities presented by the liberalisation of passenger transport, how the horizon has changed after this new stage, as well as the future of mobility and what are the next steps in terms of public transport or the most relevant projects in terms of infrastructure in Spain.

Following that opening, the rest of the conferences will focus on a wide range of case- study presentations which will cover topics such as energy, integrated mobility, station financing and cybersecurity. For example, attendees will be able to know, how the future of 5G is in the metro, the digital transformation in railway infrastructure or how R&D projects such as Shift2Rail are driving the future of signalling and control systems. It will be followed by presentations on how the integrated designs of public space and bicycle areas in the stations are documented, as an example of intermodality in urban areas, the challenges of the infrastructure and rolling stock hydrogen related, or

reduce electricity losses in energy distribution networks, the opportunities offered by satellite-based solutions, new fuels (hydrogen and batteries) and developments in rolling stock, integrated traffic systems, freight train diversion, new implementations in control rooms, ventilation systems, digital twins, accessibility, automation or the integration of the railway into multimodal mobility and its new digital models.

During the 30th November sessions, the theme will also focus on energy-efficient solutions and more environmentally friendly traction technologies for LRV and metros, the ergonomic design of the new toll system and automatic sales aligned with the digital strategy of the station 4.0, a comparison of human and automated driving, advances in aspects such as the detection of rockfall, technological innovations in train-tram projects or the reduction of the costs of signalling renovations. Predictive systems for a secure infrastructure, the challenges of cybersecurity and its standards, electrification, etc.

On the other hand, there will also be a space to talk about issues related to financing and concessional models. The day will end with a review of some of Europe’s largest metro systems and their role in improving mobility and reducing citizens’ dependence on private transport.

Attendees will be able to learn about the advances of the industry and railway investment plans

Second day, 1st December
The morning of day two will address the main challenges in the construction and delivery of effective infrastructure projects. The events will begin with a conference on the vision of the future of rail in Germany which will be followed by experts sharing a joint proposal on how to develop rail networks that are as safe and digitally agile as possible. The next intervention, which will also feature several experts together, will focus on innovative technologies that are transforming mobility design.

Round tables

Following these expert panels, the sessions will be divided into interactive round tables that will give delegates the opportunity to engage in small-scale discussions. Alongside the numerous conference topics on Rail Live! this attractive model of communication between attendees is presented and which has been designed so that they can delve into those topics that are of interest to them. The roundtables will provide an environment of proximity to allow delegates and sponsors to discuss and learn about new solutions in the industry.

The topics that will be discussed will be of great breadth, from digital diversion systems to the new generation of ETMS, through the analysis of the decarbonisation strategy of the transport sector and the challenges and opportunities for freight transport in the Iberian Peninsula. It will also discuss how to measure the benefits of digitalisation in the railway industry and will be able to learn more about the European EULYNX initiative on signaling, the advancement of Hyperloop, IMS technology (Inertial Measuring System), the 4.0 industry, resilience in infrastructures, the keys to the success of the partnership in mobility as a service or innovative steel solutions for the railway industry.

Following these small group meetings, the presentations will focus on current events related to the new generation of telecommunications networks and the development of FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System), the opportunity to take advantage of reliable and integrated infrastructures with innovative applications and the development of holistic models to optimise innovation and reduce costs. There will also be a space to talk about the future of operators such as Renfe, the role of the new railway safety agencies in isolated networks other than the RFIG, light metro, long-term plans to develop a more sustainable transport, improvements in digital transformation, digitalisation in the field of goods or intermodality. All these topics will be accompanied by a more detailed analysis on new advances and improvements in safety, the application of BIM methodology, the importance of sharing data to reduce risks in the management of networks, intelligent infrastructures, implementation of ERTMS, aerodynamic enhancements in railway circuits, the challenges of the internationalisation of the industry, the present and future of track maintenance, the contribution of light rail to the environment, automation, advances in noise-reducing products, anti-corrosion, control centres, etc.
There will also be a chance to discuss and make references to large projects such as the high-speed in California, the Czech Republic, and Baltic countries (Rail Baltica), planned investments in Australia, the Tel Aviv metro, multimodal transport in Poland.

The wide variety of conferences included in this second day aims, as on the first day, to make as detailed analysis as possible of how the railway sector stands in the world, the challenges it faces, the opportunities that come from the hand of technological advances, as well as the innovations, products, and services that the industry is providing to promote network modernisation projects and the construction of new infrastructures, both passenger and freight.

Forum: Spanish symposium
As a novelty during this edition, the event announces the celebration of a Spanish symposium within the general programme, starring the main entities sponsoring the event where different topics of interest will be discussed.

Among them, Adif’s vision of the stations as centers of the new sustainable urban mobility. Digital transformation and improvement of the traveler experience. Renfe will refer to Mobility-as-a-Service, goods, and internalisation.. Metro Madrid will present its strategic vision with a focus on citizen accessibility.

Mafex and the Spanish Railways Foundation – Spanish Railways Technological Platform will jointly present a discussion on what the railway and its industry need to become the true central axis of the mobility of the future. Finally, Icex Spain Export and Investments will close the forum by sharing its railway strategy with a focus on key markets and how this financing will be executed.

Represented companies and institutions
Among the companies that will present their solutions and advances during these two days of congress are: Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos, Angel Trains, Arcelormittal, Alstom, Arriva Group, AS Operail, BLK & Cmpany, BLS AG, CAF, CAF Turnkey & Engineering, CAF Signalling, California High Speed Rail Authority, C.F.L. Multimodal, Cooltra, Fraktion Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Frauscher Sensonic GmbH, Frequentis, Flixmobility /Filixbus/ Flixtrain, Hima Group, Hispasat, Hupac Intermodal Sa, IDOM, Ineco, Indra, Globalia, Glovalvia, Ingeteam, Intelsat, KTN, LRSSB, MainRail Solutions, Microsoft corporation, Nevorno, NGRT, Nokia, Sener, Ouigo Spain, Qognify Ltd, Siemens Mobility GmbH, Pilz, Pandrol, PJ Monitoring, Talgo, Tier, Sener, Stadler Rail, Voestalpine Railway Systems, Zeleros or Zitron.

There will also be a wide representation of administrators, operators, agencies, institutions, and universities from many countries. Among them Albania, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Spain, Holland, Lithuania, Portugal, Czech Republic, or Switzerland, among others. It will be represented by: Adif, Agencia de Obras Públicas de la Junta de Andalucía, Agència Valenciana de Seguretat Ferroviaria, Albanian Railways, Almaty LRT Project (Almatyelectrotrans LLP), ATM, BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, BLS AG, California High Speed Rail Authority, CEDEX, CENELEC, CEIT, City of Graz, City of Uppsala, DB E.C.O. Group, DB Netz AG, Ralf, Deutsche Bahn AG, Coventry City Council, Department of Transport of the Government of Great Britain, ESRI, ERA, ERTMS Users Group, European Commission, European Investment Bank, European Rail Infrastructure Managers Association, European Space Agency, European Union Agency for Railways, EURNEX, Federal Railway Authority. FGC, Spanish Railways Foundation, Australian Government, Goteborgs Stad, GS1 France, HS1,IE Center for Transport Economics & Infrastructure Management, Infrabel, ICEX Spain Export and Investments, Israeli Ministry of Finance, SC NIIAS (Research Institute), KfW IP EX-Bank, Lithuanian Railways, LTG-LINK, London Underground, LRSS, Madrid Aerospace Cluster, Mafex, Madrid Light Rail, Madrid Metro, Seville Metro, Tenerife Metropolitan, Lisbon Metropolitan, NS, NTA Tel Aviv Metro, Network Rail, OBB, ÖBB Infrastruktur, Plan Inclusion Madrid, Rail Baltica, Prorail, Puertos del Estado, RB Rail AS, Rail Delivery Group, Rail Logistics Europe, RENFE, SBB Cargo, SBB Infrastructure, SNCF, Správa železnic, Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, Swiss Federal Railways, Solidarity Transport Hub, S.Z.D.C., Tfl London Trams, Zaragoza Trams, The Metro Company Metroselskabet I – S, TMB, UIC, UNIFE, Birmingham University, U.K. Tram, University of Huddersfield, University of Lulea and V.D.B. German Railway Association


An event included in the calendar of activities of the European Year of Rail 2021
Rail Live! 2021 is one of the main reference events that are included in the agenda of the European Year of Rail, a key date designated by the European Commission in order to promote its use and highlight the weight that this means of transport has in the mobility strategy in the Union, both of people and goods, as well as in the large investments planned for the coming years.

The pooling of all the experts who will be present these days in Madrid on this professional platform will serve to have a complete vision of the moment that the sector is going through and the lines of action planned to achieve the objectives of the Green Deal.

Rail Visionary Awards

Rail Live’s agenda of activities! 2021 also includes awards that want to recognise the advances of SMEs in the sector and their commitment to technology and R&D.

The Rail Visionary 2021 awards were born with the aim of rewarding innovative and disruptive solutions to face the challenges (digital mobility, maintenance digitalisation, Doctor Train and multimodal platforms) that will set trends in the railway mobility sector over the coming years.

The initiative, organised by IN-MOVE by Railgrup, Mafex and Terrapinn, also has the support of Renfe and Eurecat.



◗ Manuel Fresno Castro / Chief Financial Officer / ADIF
◗ Juan Pablo Villanueva Beltramini / General Director of Adif AV and Construction General Director of Adif  / ADIF
◗ Jesús María Campo Campo / Dirección de Negocio y Operaciones Comerciales / ADIF
◗ Miguel Rodriguez-Plaza / Head of R&D projects / ADIF
◗ Maria Luisa Domínguez González / President / ADIF
◗ Ines Vadillo Cortazar / R&D Project Manager – Strategic Innovation Directorate / ADIF
◗ David Villalmanzo Resusta / Head of R&D&I Strategic Analysis / ADIF
◗ Ignacio Sanz Junoy / Passenger Stations Directorate, Deputy Commercial Manager / ADIF
◗ Manuel Martinez Cepeda / Director of Commercial Exploitation /ADIF
◗ Julio Caballero Sánchez / Director Gerente / Agencia de Obra Publica de la Junta de Andalucia
◗ Ángel Muñoz Hernández / Jefe de Servicio – / Área de Material Rodante Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Ferroviaria
◗ José Miguel Monteagudo / Director General / Agència Valenciana de Seguretat Ferroviaria
◗ Eneida Elezi / Foreign Affairs responsible officer Albanian Railways-Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy
◗ Azamat Baidauletov / Deputy Head of Sustainable transport development department Almaty LRT project (Almatyelectrotrans LLP)
◗ Eddy Thesee / VP products&solutions cybersecurity / ALSTOM
◗ Jaime Borrell Botella / Business Development & Marketing Director Spain and Portugal / ALSTOM
◗ Leopoldo Maestu / MD Alstom España y Portugal / ALSTOM
◗ David Moszkowicz / Director Innovation Center / ALSTOM
◗ Javier Hinojal / Business Development and Public Affairs / ALSTOM
◗ Stefan Graf  / Regional Sales Manager / Amberg Technologies
◗ Roberto Chinarro / Rail Survey Manager / Amberg Technologies
◗ Jean Robert Laarhoven / Commercial Director / Amurrio Ferrocarril Y Equipos SA
◗ James Brown / Decarbonisation Manager / Angel trains
◗ Maria-Jose Sanchez / Commercial Rails, Piles And Special Sections / ArcelorMittal
◗ David Alvarez / Rail Program Leader / ArcelorMittal
◗ Diego Manzano / R&D Engineer / ArcelorMittal
◗ Juan Jose Gainza / Product Development Manager – Rail / ArcelorMittal
◗ Frederic Goujon / Product Manager / ArcelorMittal
◗ Olivier Vassart / Chief Executive Officer / ArcelorMittal Steligence®
◗ Mike Cooper / CEO / Arriva Group
◗ Yonatan Rabinovitch / Partner Marketing Manager / Asterra
◗ Sophia McIntyre / Ambassador Australian Ambassador to Spain
◗ Borja Carabante / Delegado del Área de Gobierno de Medio Ambiente y Movilidad / Ayuntamiento de Madrid
◗ Barak Kirschner / CEO / BLK & Company
◗ Florian Kappler / Program Lead BLS AG
◗ Eva Kreienkamp / CEO / BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe
◗ Marc Valette / Director Of Innovation / C.F.L. Multimodal
◗ Luis Fernández De Barrena / Business Development Manager – Digital Services / CAF
◗ Javier Martinez Ojinaga / CEO / CAF GROUP
◗ Mikel Larramendi / ATO solution manager / CAF Signalling
◗ Raúl Costa / Commercial & Bids Director / CAF Signalling
◗ Aritz Molinuevo / Technical Manager / CAF Turnkey & Engineering
◗ Brian Kelly / Chief Executive Officer / California High Speed Rail Authority
◗ Jorge Iglesias / Technical Manager / CEDEX
◗ Unai Alvarado / Director / Railway Ceit
◗ Christian Schlehuber Convenor TC 9X/WG 26 / CENELEC
◗ Wolfgang Feigl / Head of Department for Transport City of Graz
◗ Mario Rivera / Project manager, / Uppsala light rail City Of Uppsala
◗ David Pérez García / Consejero de Transportes / Comunidad de Madrid
◗ Pedro Pinto / Business Development Director / Cooltra
◗ Nicola Small / Senior Rail Programme Manager / Coventry City Council
◗ David Meinel / Branch Office Manager / DB E.C.O. Group
◗ Jörg Marienhagen / Director Mobility Consulting / DB Engineering & Consulting
◗ Jens Bergmann / Board Member / DB Netz AG
◗ Volker Hentschel / Board Member / DB Netz AG
◗ Revantha Rodriguez / Senior Corporate Finance Advisor Department for Transport
◗ Tobias Fischer / Head Of Rolling Stock Technology / Deutsche Bahn AG
◗ Ralf Marxen / Head of Technical External Affairs / Deutsche Bahn AG
◗ Javier Moreno / Technical Manager / E.I.M.
◗ Thomas Chatelet / ERTMS Project Officer / E.R.A.
◗ Laia Garriga Mas / Responsable Negocio Sector Ferroviario / E.U.R.E.C.A.T.
◗ David Cuesta Gomez Lead Engineer ERTMS Users Group
◗ Terry Bills Global Transportation Industry Director Esri
◗ Armando Carillo Zanuy Secretary General Eurnex
◗ Donald Mishaxhiu Associate Director, Senior Banker Infrastructure Europe European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
◗ Kristian Schmidt Director Land Transport European Commission
◗ Marcial Bustinduy Transport Sector Specialist European Investment Bank
◗ Monika Heiming Executive Director European Rail Infrastructure Managers Association
◗ Eduardo Diaz Head of Unit European Space Agency
◗ Jayne Yeo Safety and Operations Unit Project Officer European Union Agency for Railways

◗ Ian Horseman Sewell Managing Director FCP
◗ Fabian Kirschbauer Head of ETCS Lab Federal Railway Authority
◗ Albert Tortajada Infrastructure Director Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
◗ Pablo Pastega Milans del Bosch MD FlixBus Spain & Portugal Flixmobility / Filixbus / Flixtrain
◗ Holger Busche Scientific Advisor Fraktion Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen
◗ Deep Desai COO Frauscher Sensonic GmbH
◗ Christoph Goetze Head of Sales Europe Central FREQUENTIS
◗ Angeles Tauler Gerente PTFE-Subdirectora Estrategia, Innovación y Formación FFE – Fundación De Los Ferrocarriles Espanoles
◗ Daniel Quintero Martinez Railways Director Globalvia
◗ Mimmi Mickelsen Tram Security Expert, Trafikkontoret Goteborgs Stad
◗ Diana de Bernardy Head of Industrial Markets GS1 FRANCE
◗ Alexander Horch Vice President Of R&D And Product Management HIMA Group
◗ Diego Lopez Gracia Sales Manager Strategic Projects HISPASAT, S.A.
◗ Edmund Butcher Rail Business Development Manager HS1
◗ Mark Thurston Chief Executive Officer HS2
◗ Michail Stahlhut Managing Director Hupac Intermodal Sa
◗ Jose Maria Blasco Ruiz Director ICEX España Exportacion e Inversiones
◗ Elisa Carbonell Directora General de Internacionalización de la Empresa ICEX España Exportacion e Inversiones
◗ Alberto Alonso BIM Management IDOM
◗ Maria Concepción Ortega Ortiz Global Market Infrastructures Director IDOM IDOM
◗ Julio Gómez-Pomar Chairman IE Center for Transport Economics & Infrastructure Management
◗ Beatriz Rios Reporter & Journalist Independant
◗ Juan Antonio March Garcia Rail, Urban & Interurban Transport Director INDRA
◗ Javier Pozo Barbera Technical Manager INDRA
◗ Carmen Librero Chairwoman INECO
◗ Antonio Sancho Hernandez Architect INECO
◗ Raquel Alonso Martinez Architect INECO
◗ Alfonso Lorenzo Barba Expert Engineer in Railway Signalling Systems INECO
◗ Juan Luis Monjarás Torres Engineer INECO
◗ Pieter Verlinden Team leader Data Science and Predicitive Analysis Infrabel
◗ Adolfo Rebollo Chief Executive Officer Ingeteam, S.A.
◗ Eider Zabala Product Technical Manager Traction Business Ingeteam Power Technology S.A
◗ Scott Congdon Market Development & Partnership Management, Land Mobile Intelsat
◗ Chen Geva Head of Infrastructure Projects and PPP Israeli Ministry Of Finance
◗ Pavel Popov The Head of Center J.S.C. NIIAS
◗ Carsten Wiebers Global Head Aviation, Mobility And Transport KfW IPEX-Bank
◗ Daisy Chapman-Chamberlain Rail lead KTN
◗ Antanas Kedys Head of Cyber Security Lithuania Railways
◗ Andy Lord Managing Director London Underground
◗ Carl Williams CEO LRSSB
◗ Mindaugas Bereiša Head of Innovation Department LTG – LINK
◗ Diego Galar Professor of Condition Monitoring Lulea University
◗ Carlos Romero Managing Director Madrid Aerospace Cluster
◗ Víctor Ruiz President MAFEX – Spanish Railway Association
◗ Pedro Fortea General Director MAFEX – Spanish Railway Association
◗ Jorge Rodriguez CEO MainRail Solutions
◗ Pedro Pablo González Responsable de división de material móvil Metro de Madrid
◗ Julia Maria Calonge Jefa de Proyectos Metro de Madrid
◗ Jorge F. BLANQUER JARAÍZ Responsable Área de Obras, Infraestructuras y Accesibilidad Metro de Madrid
◗ Angel Ferrer Serrano Responsable de Área de Control y Planficación de Operación Metro de Madrid
◗ Carlos Barroso Coord.del Centro de Desarrollo y Conformidad e Ingeniería de Venta y Peaje Metro de Madrid
◗ Carlos Zorita Pérez Responsable del Servicio de Infraestructuras y Estaciones Metro de Madrid
◗ Monica Mariscal Contreras Responsable del Servicio de Responsabilidad Corporativa Metro de Madrid
◗ Fernando Rodriguez Mendez Director of Operations Metro de Madrid
◗ Silvia Roldan Chief Executive Officer Metro de Madrid
◗ Antonio Martinez Coordinación de Seguridad Informática y Ciberseguridad Metro de Madrid
◗ Raquel Calvo Aller Responsable de Área de Gestión Operativa de Líneas Metro de Madrid
◗ Jorge Maroto Gómez Managing Director & O&M Director Metro de Sevilla
◗ Victor Domingues dos Santos Chairman of the Board of Directors Metropolitano de Lisboa
◗ Teresa Benet International Business Development Metropolitano de Tenerife
◗ Carlos Esquiroz Chief Executive Officer Metros Ligeros de Madrid
◗ Pablo Oromi Project Manager, Civil Engineer Metrotenerife
◗ Jose Antonio Ondiviela Industry Director at Microsoft Western-Europe for critical infrastructure Microsoft Corporation
◗ Johan Torfs Industry Executive Microsoft Corporation
◗ Raquel Sánchez Jiménez Minister Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda
◗ Martin Frobisher Group Engineering Director Network Rail
◗ Simon Coulthard Head of Light Rail Knowledge & Development Network Rail
◗ Matt Weingarth Principal Innovations Engineer Network Rail
◗ Iain Greer Head of Delivery, Intelligent Infrastructure programme Network Rail
◗ Stefan Kirch Magrail Business Development Director Nevomo

◗ Richard Aaroe Chief Executive Officer and Chairman NGRT
◗ Stefan Weidmann Head of Sales Transportation Europe Nokia
◗ Filippo Gaggioli Digital Industries – Portfolio Expert Nokia
◗ Angela Garcia Maraver Head of Product Engineering NRF
◗ Esmé Kalshoven Ertms Program Director NS
◗ Tami Buller Tel Aviv Metro Planning and Design Director NTA Tel Aviv Metro
◗ Gerald Schinagl Digital Innovation Manager ÖBB Austrian Federal Railways
◗ Gregor Fleischmann Project Office – BIM ÖBB Infrastruktur
◗ Hector Barrio General Manager Ostirion
◗ Sergio Barcena Director of Operations Planning and Maintenance Ouigo España
◗ Hélène Valenzuela CEO Ouigo España
◗ Félix Pérez Gayol General Manager Pandrol
◗ John Porrill Head of New Product Development Pandrol
◗ Jan van der Heide Sales and Business Development PILZ
◗ Gerhard Moser Senior Manager System Integrations Pilz GmbH
◗ Christoph Lorenzutti COO PJ Monitoring
◗ Óscar García Muñoz Coordinador de Accesibilidad Plena Inclusión Madrid
◗ Astrid Bunt Director Of Stations ProRail
◗ John Voppen Chief Executive Officer ProRail
◗ Mette Janssen Development Manager ProRail
◗ van Lidwien Kessel Projectleider stations ProRail
◗ Justus Hartkamp Director International Affairs ProRail
◗ Karel van Gils Director Innovation ProRail
◗ Álvaro Rodríguez Planning and Development Director Puertos Del Estado
◗ Mark Grisdale Sales Manager UK&I Qognify Ltd
◗ Alex Burrows Managing Director Rail Alliance
◗ Andy Billington Innovation & Sustainability Director Rail Baltica
◗ Agnis Driksna CEO & Chairperson of Management Board Rail Baltica
◗ Jan-Wick Kranenburg Ceo Rail Connected
◗ Jonathan Chatfield Head Of Policy Rail Delivery Group
◗ Bertrand Minary Chief Innovation And Digital Officer Rail Logistics Europe
◗ Enric Tico President Railgrup
◗ Kaspars Briškens Head of Strategy and Development RB Rail AS
◗ Joaquin de Moral Salcedo Director General de Renfe Mercancías RENFE
◗ Sonia Segade Blanco Head of Technological Transformation RENFE
◗ Ruben Leonor Bravo Strategy Director RENFE
◗ Inmaculada Gutierrez International Director RENFE
◗ Laureano fernández Responsible For The Transport And Mobility As A Service RENFE
◗ Irene Donaire Head of Energy Efficiency RENFE
◗ Sonia Araujo Lopez CEO of Renfe Viajeros – Passengers RENFE
◗ Gloria del Ser Rble Material et maintenance MF RENFE
◗ Manel Villalante Chief Strategy And Development Officer Renfe Operadora
◗ Alexey Ozerov Head Of International Cooperation Department, Jsc Niias Russian Railways
◗ Radek Cech Director of international affairs department S.Z.D.C.
◗ Kaspar Tobler Project Manager Telematics SBB Cargo
◗ Thomas Sutter Manager SBB Infrastructure
◗ Guillem Peris-Sayol Lead Project Manager RESPIRA Sener
◗ Anwar Almojarkesh Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer SensoRail
◗ Manuel Alarcon Espinosa IP5 Programme Manager Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking
◗ Giorgio Travaini Head of Research and Innovation Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking
◗ Carlo Borghini Executive Director Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking
◗ Karolina Korth Chief Digitization Officer and Head of Strategy for South-West Europe Siemens
◗ Yuka Saeki Cardona Product Manager Siemens Mobility
◗ Sergio Iglesias Business Development Professional Siemens Mobility GmbH
◗ Maximilian Kaiser International Sales Manager Siemens Mobility GmbH
◗ Stéphane Callet Director Signalling Projects SNCF
◗ Valentin Barreau Train Localisation team leader SNCF
◗ Hans Cruse Director Spårvagnsstäderna
◗ Jiri Merta Head of the HSL technical preparation unit Sprava zeleznic, statni organizace
◗ Mar Rivas Marketing Manager Stadler Rail Valencia SAU
◗ Mariano Marti Alonso Sales Vice-president / Commercial Manager Locomotives Stadler Rail Valencia SAU
◗ Radoslaw Kantak Member of the Board STH
◗ Einar Schuch Regional Director Swedish Transport Administration
◗ Jack Schneider Programme Leader Ato, Smart Rail 4.0 Swiss Federal Railways SBB
◗ Daniel Eckenstein Asset Manager – Track Swiss Federal Railways SBB
◗ Oscar Playa Director de Metro T.M.B. – Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona
◗ Gonzalo Urquijo Fernández de Araoz CEO Talgo
◗ Enrique Riesco Comercial Director EU &CIS Talgo
◗ Jose Antonio Marcos Alberca Head Manager Smart Maintenance Engineering Talgo

◗ Emilio Garcia Director de I+d Talgo
◗ Mark Davis General Manager Tfl London Trams
◗ Henrik Plougmann Olsen Chief Executive Officer The Metro Company Metroselskabet I – S
◗ Manuel Arauco General Manager, Spain TIER
◗ Martin Fenner Director Tilt Consulting
◗ Jessica Outeriño Directora de Planificación Estratègica de Metro TMB – Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona
◗ Ana Moreno General Manager Tranvias de Zaragoza
◗ Steve Duckering Head of Operations U.K. Tram
◗ Pierre Tane Head of Digital Modelling UIC
◗ Jean-Michel Evanghelou Director Telecom & Signalling UIC
◗ Marta Garcia Technical Affairs Manager UNIFE
◗ Jose Bertolin Technical Affairs Manager UNIFE
◗ Nicolas Furio Head Of Technical Affairs Unit UNIFE
◗ Stefanos Gogos Technical Affairs Manager UNIFE
◗ Stuart Hillmansen Senior Lecturer University of Birmingham
◗ Richard Thomas Industrial Fellow University of Birmingham
◗ Paul Plummer Professor University of Birmingham
◗ Pietro Tricolli Reader in Power Electronics Systems University of Birmingham
◗ Joao Pombo Professor of Railway Technology University of Huddersfield
◗ Jure Mikolčić Vice President Rolling Stock V.D.B. German Railway Association
◗ David Barragan Business Development voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ
◗ Juan Vicen Co-Founder And Chief Marketing Officer Zeleros
◗ Luis Javier Diaz Valdes Head of Project Management Office Zitron
◗ Ana Belen Amado Responsible of CFD and Virtual simulation Zitron