A master plan to foster freight transit in Germany

The Federal Government has as a priority to reduce road traffic, as part of its commitment to respect the environment, and to promote thus more competitive rail freight transport. In order to increase market share and strengthen the sector, the “Plan of Impulse to the Railway Freight Transport 2017-2023” has been drawn up. Amongst the measures approved, the Federal Executive will significantly reduce the costs of access to operators.

In addition, it will invest in the expansion of the infrastructure, with additional tracks that facilitate the circulation of longer trains; in digitalisation and automation and innovation. The new routes and extensions planned are the following: the Rhine regions, NBS Rhine / Main-Rhine / Neckar, East Corridor and Ruhr-Sieg, while the main established corridors connecting Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Ludwigshafen / Mannheim / Heidelberg / Karlsruhe, Munich and Hanover. To this are added the improvements envisaged in the “Master Plan” of the company DB Cargo, which, among other actions, will overhaul its fleet with the acquisition of 100 new locomotives and 4,000 additional wagons.