A new battery train is unveiled at Innotrans

The Innotrans fair, the largest railway fair in the world, was held on September 18-21 in Berlin. And, like every year, Bombardier participated in the event. One of the most outstanding elements was its interactive stand that, due to modern technology, allowed visitors to enjoy an immersive experience. Bombardier took advantage of the event to present its wide portfolio of technological solutions, focused on solving the needs of its customers around the world.
During the fair, Bombardier presented its new battery train, the TALENT 3 in an original exhibition, where violinists, skiers and even climbers participated.

The Spanish factory of Bombardier in Trápaga (Vizcaya) is part of this project, participating in the development of its traction converter.

The BEMU version of the TALENT 3 is characterized by being equipped with lithium-ion batteries (BEMU, battery-electric multiple-unit), being able to operate, also, on non-electrified lines, thus allowing uninterrupted rail connections. The train provides an ecological alternative to diesel trains, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and noise pollution.

During the fair, Bombardier made a virtual reality exhibition that allowed visitors to immerse themselves in a 360º experience in cities around the world, whether is was riding the INNOVIA monorail in Bangkok, a FLEXITY tram in Zurich or a MOVIA metro in Stockholm.

In addition, its interactive stand allowed customers to appreciate first-hand, through virtual reality, innovative mobility solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of different cities: from stable urban environments to megacities, through fast-growing cities or even totally new environments.

A visit by journalists to the company’s factory in Hennigsdorf put the finishing touch on Bombardier’s participation in Innotrans 2018.