Award of the new CCTV system for Euskotren’s 400 series

GMV has won the contract for supply and installation of the new video-surveillance or closed-circuit television (CCTV) system for the eight 400-series units of Bilbao’s Euskotren network.

Under this project the current analog-based onboard video-surveillance system will be replaced by a new digital-architecture system. GMV’s system takes in a train-long Ethernet backbone, the digital video recorder (GMV’s R-REC30), IP video cameras, video coders and TFT screens fitted on the driver’s desk, among other features.

The system will be designed to ensure constant surveillance of the tram exterior and passenger area. Its main functions are recording of unit cameras, cabin display of real-time images, cabin display of previous recordings and control-center download of generated video tracks (by Wi-Fi or by taking out the recorder disk). The system will also operate automatically on the basis of events received onboard from the train control and management system (TCMS).

The contract also takes in supply of the back-office module for management of generated contents, allowing for extraction, display and analysis of recordings, registration of incidents and also configuration of system parameters.

This new project consolidates GMV’s position as supplier of onboard PIS, PA and CCTV systems, both to the manufacturers of brand-new trains and transport operators undertaking train upgrades and overhauls.