Aitor Iñiguez de Heredia, CEO for the Mobility Business Unit at NEM Solutions


Alberto Conde Mellado is no longer linked to NEM Solutions after 10 years as CEO at the company. NEM would like to express its gratitude for his work and leadership to build up the company they have turned into during these years.

The annoucnement also stressed that “2018 appears as the best year in our history and with the aim of facing our new challenges, we wish to express our personal commitment with the project, the culture and NEM’s talent”.

This new stage of the company will be led by the same board of directors who will ensure NEM’s continuity. Aitor Iñiguez de Heredia, as the Mobility CEO and Idoia Iceta Hernández, as the Energy CEO, will also be the persons in charge of setting the dialogue terms with the shareholders.

“The major objective and spirit is to continue working to keep NEM as a leader company in the development of digital solutions based on cutting-edge technologies to transfer our core knowledge to the key actors in the Operation and Maintenance of complex assets in this digital era”, they added.