A some Mafex members with proyects in Colombia

Gobierno adjudica por más de $153.000 millones, atención y reparación de vías férreas


ArcelorMittal has supplied rails for Metro Medellin; the first mass transit system in Colombia and currently the only metro system in the country. We have supplied rails for the Ferrocarriles del Norte de Colombia (FENOCO),Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburra, as well as other projects of railway renovation and maintenance all along the country, have been also supplied by ArcelorMittal.

ArcelorMittal has developed state-of-the-art manufacturing and control systems to develop and produce rails that comply with the strictest requirements:, geometric precision, strict flatness, the highest quality of the market and increased reliability



Ardanuy Ingenieria has taken part in over 20 projects in Colombia. In 2019 the Consulting Company was selected along with the FGC to carry out the Technical and Integral Supervision for the Railway Signalling and Traffic Management (SGT) Systems of Line A and the Bello Station Switchyard belonging to the Metro de Medellín Network.

Awarding of this contract solidifies the numerous works carried out by the Company in a country in which it already has an important presence thanks to its subsidiary, Ardanuy Colombia SAS. The following are only some of the works which have been completed by the Company: Studies and Assessment for the reactivation of the Antioquia Railway, Intermodal Strategic Plan for Colombia, Atlantic Railway Network, Light Rail Proposal for the city of Cali, as well as the feasibility study for the change to standard width track of the passenger and freight network, amongst others.


CAF is one of the main railway rolling stock supplier in Colombia. The Company has manufactured the new metro fleet operating in Metro Medellin system.

Furthermore, in 2018 CAF was selected for the refurbishment of 42 three-car units manufactured in the mid-90s and currently operating in the Colombian city’s metro network. The scope of the work covers the modernisation and upgrading of the units in their structure and interior and exterior decoration, as well as the replacement and retrofit of some of the vehicles’ main equipment and systems, such as the traction systems, auxiliary equipment, brakes and lighting.


IDOM, an association of independent professionals working in the fields of Consulting, Engineering and Architecture, has been established in Colombia since 2009. 140 professionals are permanently based at the IDOM offices in Bogota and Medellin. Specifically, in rail, IDOM has developed several projects, such as the design of the Ayacucho y Av. 80 tramway in Medellin, the advanced basic design of the first line of the Metro of Bogota, the feasibility project of the Regio Tram, or studies on improving the signalling and control systems of the Cerrejón railway.

At present, IDOM is developing the design of the new depot and maintenance facility of the Medellin Metro, including a complete audit of equipment to reactivate operations on the two corridors of the central rail system, a key element of intermodal transport in the country: the Dorada-Chiriguaná section (521 km) and the Bogotá-Belencito section (318 km).


Siemens Mobility will install its advanced rail signaling technology on line A of Metro de Medellín, 25.8 km long and 21 stations, and the Patio de Bello that serves the metro network. The scope of the contract covers the design, supply, implementation, assembly, testing, optimization, safety certification and commissioning of a ground signaling system, keeping the existing on-board equipment in trains and taking into account their interfaces. Westrace MKII state-of-the-art interlockings will be developed and installed, the existing LZB system will be modernized, railway signals will be replaced by LED technology and communications and energy facilities will be adapted.

The contract, of 42 million euros and 3 years of execution time, is of great importance for Siemens Mobility as it reinforces its presence in the main rail transportation system in Colombia and one of the most innovative and cutting-edge tubes in Latin America.

The project is expected to enter service in 2021.


Teltronic was awarded by FENOCO (Ferrocarriles del Norte de Colombia S.A.) to provide a TETRA network supplied by Teltronic, supporting simultaneous voice and data transmission on the Chiriguaná-Santa Marta line, Used principally for the transportation of coal.

Later, Teltronic’s U.S. subsidiary PowerTrunk was responsible for testing and validating a data-centric TETRA solution intended to support rail signalling, according to directives issued by the Colombian government to ensure the highest safety standards for railways.

This project means a proof of TETRA technical viability to offer safe and efficient communications in railway signalling environment, in an experience that may be applicable to other transportation environments with signalling systems based on different existing protocols such as ETCS, CBTC or PTC.