Alstom España and OHL to build a new metro system in Guadalajara, Mexico

The Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transportation has awarded an Alstom-OHL consortium a contract to build and commission a complete system for the Guadalajara Line 3 metro. This new, 20-kilometre line will run diagonally through the city of Guadalajara (Zapopan, Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque), carrying 233,000 passengers a day. The contract value is 380 million euros, which includes civil works, electrification and supply of transport systems. 

Alstom Spain’s train manufacturing plant in Santa Perpetua de Mogodá (Barcelona) will supply all 18 trains, each with three coaches.

In the meantime, the engineering centre and safety laboratories in Madrid will develop the video surveillance systems, control centres and passenger information equipment.