Alstom Spain joins the AEDIVE Association to promote the electric vehicle


Alstom Spain has become a full member of the Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo e Impulso del Vehículo Eléctrico [Business Association for Development and Promotion of the Electric Vehicle] (AEDIVE), from where it will promote the implementation of electric charging projects for the ground transportation of freight and passengers.

The promotion of efficient, collective systems of electric mobility is a priority in the development of sustainable urban transport, insofar as it represents a reduction of vehicle traffic and the elimination of gaseous pollutants, particles and nitrogen oxides that degrade air quality.

In the interurban scope, electrification in heavy freight transport by road is another challenge of mobility, which requires solutions that overcome the barriers with respect to conventional engines, such as autonomy, weight and load capacity.

For years, Alstom has been working on transferring its experience in railway electric mobility to other modes of transport. Highlights of the innovations developed by Alstom in this field include SRS technology, a fast charging system at stations for electric buses, or a project with Volvo for the development of electric highways. In both cases, Alstom uses APS technology (ground-level power supply technology), which it has been implementing on various tram systems for over a decade to offer new formulas for charging and electric power supply.