Alstom Spain joins the Spanish Hydrogen Association

Alstom has joined the Spanish Hydrogen Association, whose aim is to foster, promote and drive the technological and industrial development of hydrogen technologies in our country. By joining, Alstom once again shows its commitment to sustainable mobility and the promotion of hydrogen as an energy vector in the decarbonization process of our society.

 Pioneers in the use of green hydrogen for mobility, Alstom is the only manufacturer to put fuel cell-powered trains into commercial service. Alstom’s first hydrogen train, the Coradia iLint, began operating with passengers in September 2018, with two vehicles in regular service in Lower Saxony, Germany. After a year and a half of tests and more than 180,000 kilometres travelled, the manufacturing of 14 series trains has already begun, and will be delivered to the customer from 2022, to replace the current diesel units and meet the zero emission targets