Alstom: Universal Design, design for all

From the offer phase or the first sketches to the final delivery to the customer, Alstom applies the seven universal design principles in its solutions, which seek to create places, technologies, policies and systems that eliminate barriers and achieve a more inclusive, accessible and user-friendly environment.

In addition to having teams specialized in traveller experience or design, Alstom relies on external organizations and experts who validate the solutions from the user’s point of view.

Alstom has been working in Spain with Fundacion ONCE since 2019, collaborating on several projects, such as the new subways in Barcelona or the High Capacity trains for Renfe. As a result of this experience, Fundación ONCE has become a strategic partner of the entire Alstom Group. Furthermore, as part of the Group’s advisory committee on inclusion, it evaluates innovations and developments to ensure that new solutions further increase accessibility and facilitate transport for passengers with any disability or particular need.