ANESRIF puts its trust again in Getinsa for the modernization of its railway network

In January 2015 Getinsa has been awarded 5 important railway con­tracts in Algeria. 4 out of them are related to electrification feasibil­ity and design studies adding up to 1042 km. The remaining contract is on signalling and telecommunica­tion feasibility and design studies for a total length of 92 km.

Current contracts are part of the am­bitious extension and modernization plan that is set up to connect main cit­ies with high speed lines and enlarge the railway network up to 12.000 km in 2017. Today the Algerian railway network is made up of 4200 km, most part of it not electrified.

Getinsa has been participating in the development of the Algerian railway network since 2006. In fact a total of 1642 km of electrification studies with the same scope as cur­rent ones were allocated to Getinsa last year as well. The new electrifi­cation contracts in addition to those awarded in 2014 totalize 2684 km what makes Getinsa in charge of the electrification studies of the ma­jority of the existing non-electrified lines of the country.