Trams: public tender for the realization

Both cities are, in July 2015, tendering its execution. In the case of the city of Annaba, Entreprise du Métro d’Alger has selected the consortium of Dae­woo and GS Engineering & Construc­tion to build its first tramway line.

Another of the cities under a tram study is Batna. General studies from Metro Algiers has defined the route of the tram line from the region Bouzer­ane Hamla, to the university and ex­change points with the bus and railway SNTF stations. Systra has carried out detailed studies.

It is a line of 15 km, with 24 stations, where it is expected that the entire line has an estimated travel time of 41 min­utes and a frequency of 4 minutes at rush hours.