Ardanuy Ingeniería is awarded the detailed design for the intermodal platform in Sagunto (Valencia)

The joint venture will be in charge of carrying out the study of the future intermodal platform to be located in the logistics area of Sagunto. This project will take into account the redesign of the initial layout of the plots due to the construction of a large factory that will manufacture batteries for vehicles in this area.

The platform was initially designed to serve two types of traffic: intermodal by containers and swap bodies, and rail transport by direct shipment, of the Modalohr or RoLa type. However, the implementation of this industrial facility takes into account the new needs for the land transport of goods.  The objective is to be able to classify and manage trains of 750 meters in length, with direct access to the factory in blocks of 6-8 railcars, and on the other hand, to maintain the intermodal service for operators external to the factory and its suppliers.

The project will be carried out with BIM technology, thus ensuring that all information is maintained throughout the life cycle of the project.