Ardanuy Ingeniería to supervise the renovation of Spain’s conventional network Control Centers

The Spanish Railway Administrator (ADIF) has recently awarded Ardanuy Ingeniería a new Technical Assistance contract. The Consultancy will be in charge of monitoring and supervising the new renovation works for the Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) centers belonging to Spain’s conventional network. The works will be carried out over a period of 36 months and tasks will not only include work supervision but will also involve document and pre-work execution management and control, apart from supply, installation and assembly. Likewise, the Company will also be responsible certain assignments for the post-installation period, such as the management of possible incidents that may arise.

The goal of this modernization contract is to upgrade the technology utilized for the operation systems currently being used by the different CTC facilities. Some of the most important of these CTC facilities can be found in Orense (Galicia), Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), Zaragoza, Valencia, Madrid, Manzanares (Ciudad Real), Granada, Córdoba, Ronda (Málaga), Málaga and Seville. The modernization works to be carried out will serve to optimize the CTCs functionality while also enhancing the reliability and quality of the equipment in question.