CEIT-IK4:  HALL 24 / STAND 102  

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CEIT-IK4:  HALL 24 / STAND 102

Ceit-IK4 is a non-profit private research centre created in 1982. Our primary mission is to carry out applied industrial research projects under contract, working closely with our clients. Ceit-IK4 promotes excellence in applied research by publishing non-confidential results, disseminating scientific and technical knowledge in a variety of venues, and training doctoral students within the framework of industrial research projects. Ceit-IK4 seeks regular collaboration with companies in among others railway sector and strives to understand all aspects of our clients’ business in order to develop high value added solutions through applied investigation projects.

Paseo Manuel Lardizabal, 15 20018 San Sebastián (GIPÚZCOA)

Phone: +34 943 212800

◗ efernandez@ceit.es

◗ mailto:jmelendez@ceit.es

◗ www.ceit.es