Assistance on the rail connection between Oslo and Ski

Sener has provided assistance in the tender of two turnkey contracts on tunnels in Norway for the future high-speed Follo Line, which will connect the Norwegian capital with the city of Ski. There will be a total of 22 km of double track of which 19 km will run through a twin tunnel, making it the largest in the country.

The first contract is for the con­ventional tunnels and will include the civil engineering work for a tri­ple track tunnel (140 m), the new inbound Østfold line (1,200 m), and D&B of the two twin tunnels (530 m), as well as crossings un­der several roads and oil transport tunnels and a change of routing of the Alna River.

The second contract is for tunnels to be dug with tunnel boring ma­chines (TBMs) and covers the civil engineering work and the electri­cal, mechanical and telecommuni­cations systems for the 19 km twin bore tunnel, the assembly caverns for the TBMs and tunnels for the rescue station, located in the As­land area.

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