Automatic measurement equipment: efficient and reliable data management


In the digital transformation context, the key leverage are: people, data and technology. By automating the asset measurement and the condition monitoring, the usual way to maintain can be transformed and the operational efficiency can be increased.

By integrating automatic measurement systems, advanced data analysis and computer-aided maintenance management, a critical base is built to improve the data quality, to make the maintenance service offered efficient to an operator and to improve the reliability and availability of the maintained train fleet.

With the aim of obtaining and consolidating all the data that is being generated by trains and infrastructure, CAF Digital Services have defined 4 measurement systems areas:

  • Train monitors Infrastructure,
  • Train monitors Train,
  • Infrastructure monitors Infrastructure and
  • Infrastructure monitors Train (what this article elaborates)

Infrastructure monitors train: Measurement equipment within this area represents rolling stock assets.

  • Wheel Profile Measurement System: This system measures by using laser the wheel profile, the height and width of the flange and the back to back distance. This system can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • Brakes: Two types of brake systems can be offered; one for measuring the brake disc wear and another for measuring the brake shoes on the disc or the wheel.
    • Wheel defect detection: Based on vibration analysis technology, it can be diagnosed based on the impact between the wheel and the track, defects located in the tread such as flats on wheels, spalling, shelling or polygonalization.
    • Wheel Defect and Imbalance: This system accurately recognizes and identifies the out of roundness wheel. It classifies the typology (flat, number of lobules) and calculates the wheel load and the wheelset and bogie imbalance.

    These measurement systems are implemented by CAF Digital Services and the data is automatically integrated into their different platforms for analysis.