Bilbao, at the fore of urban rail transport

Dear Friends,

Public rail transport is the star of the show at the 14th edition of the “World Metro & Light Rail 2018”, which will be held in Bilbao and boasts the collaboration of Mafex as well as the Basque Government. The SPRI Group, ETS, Euskotren and Metro Bilbao will collaborate in the development of the event, in addition to the participation of Adif and Renfe and a significant involvement of the association’s partner companies, which have undoubtedly been key in organising the event.

For two consecutive days, the city will play host to senior representatives of administrations from around the world, as well as those responsible for companies in the sector, technology centres and network operators spread over the five continents. The visitors will be able to see first-hand the solutions and innovations displayed by 80 exhibitors and to attend the presentations of the more than 150 speakers that form the congress panel.

In addition, in this issue of the magazine, we introduce you to the 15 new companies have joined Mafex so far this year. From the association, we wish to welcome all of them and we thank them for the trust placed in our work. This remarkable increase is a highly positive sign that the sector is advancing along the right path and means we continue to work with great intensity in our multiple activities carried out from within the Association.

“Mafex informs” also details the results of the trading delegation to the Philippines and Indonesia, as well as the significant participation of Spanish companies in the Middle East Rail Fair which we have

attended for the fourth consecutive year. February was also the month in which the new formation of member companies of the Mafex International and Communication Committees was established for the next two years, and these will be responsible for following up on the aims set out in the Strategic Plan in each of the indicated areas.

In the “Partner News” section, information is included on 16 associated companies who offer us their most recent news (latest contracts awarded, appointments, anniversaries, etc.). Added to this, there is an extensive report on “Brazil”. The country is resuming its investments in railways and has plans to promote numerous projects, for both freight and passenger rail, which include especially the expansion of tramway systems, monorail, regional and suburban rail networks in many cities.

In the “In-depth” section, we present the major capabilities of the Spanish railway industry in urban transport and the wide range of projects in which it has participated over the five continents. Its prestige, experience and advances in R&D have made it present in the implementation of the most relevant urban systems of recent times.

Finally, in “Innovation” eight articles are published on Mafex partners’ latest advances. And new to this edition, there is a section devoted to “Industry 4.0” which features contributions from experts on the introduction of digital technology in the field of mobility.

Once again, we hope that the wide-ranging content of the magazine is of your interest and serves to make aware of the strength and capabilities of our sector.