Bilbao Metro relies on Thales for its two Control Centres

The Biscay Transport Consortium, will provide Metro Bilbao, with Thales technology to improve security of the current control centre where both of the city’s Metro lines are managed. To do so, a new back-up centre located at Taller de Ariz in Basauri will also be built and shall be operational by end of 2019.

Thales has been helping to manage the Bilbao Metro system for over two decades. As a result of this wealth of expertise, Thales has been able to take into account the specific traffic density conditions and passenger flow patterns of the network in the design of the new centre that is fully compatible with the central one. This will maximise the overall efficiency of the system.

It also includes a new driver management module which will expand current functionalities, such as driver shift planning and staff resource allocation. It will also help with supervision and real-time execution, allowing for conflict detection and the immediate notification of the operator.