Bombardier Spain presented its digital railway control solutions at SmartMetro 2019

Bombardier Transportation Spain participated in the SmartMetro 2019 congress, which took place in Madrid and gathers the main urban mobility agents on a global scale.

José-Miguel Soler (Sales Director for Bombardier Spain and Portugal), David Torres (Sales responsible for Rail Control Solutions at Bombardier Spain) and Marco-Antonio Camargo (CBTC Manager), lead the workshop “BOMBARDIER CITYFLO 650 CBTC: allowing the continuous upgrade of GOA4”. The interactive panel showcases the most optimize methology to produce the transition to more efficient and totally automized control solutions.

Bombardier has successfully implemented CBTC systems worldwide, especially highlighting the most innovative model, CITYFLO 650, which, in addition to lines 1 and 6 of Metro de Madrid operates on the M5 line of the Istanbul Metro or on line 9 of the Delhi Metro.