Bombardier Spain update Lima Metro signalling system


Bombardier successfully updated their system CITYFLO350 in Line 1 of the Lima Metro, allowing them to raise their daily traffic from 320.000 to 500.000 commuters. The Rail Control Solutions team (RCS), located in the Center of Excellence of San Sebastian de Los Reyes (Madrid, Spain), lead the project engineering the product and managing the supply chain.

The implantation of the project, that last 24 months, included the development of optimized and adapted software that meets the operator needs, the installation of new rail circuits, switches, signals, beacons, etc; the supply of signalization equipment for 20 metro trains and training at management and maintenance for the workers.

The San Sebastian de Los Reyes center is the main provider for Bombardier´s business in Latin America, and they have also developed systems for Madrid´s, Barcelona´s, Bilbao´s or Seville´s Metros, among other projects in Spain.