CablesCom adds its production model to the circular economy with the recycling of plastic coils

CablesCom, based in Zaragoza, is one of the main companies dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of telecommunications and signaling cables, both fiber optic and copper. The company, with the purpose of incorporating the circular economy into its production model, wanted to explore the feasibility of recycling and recovery processes for the plastic reels on which the fiber cable is wound. Currently, the coils are delivered to a waste manager.

To achieve this goal, the Technological Institute of Aragon ITAINNOVA has verified, at the laboratory level, the possibility of using the plastic from the coils for the production of 3D printing filament. “The commitment to sustainability is one of the key elements of our growth and, for this reason, it seems to us a priority to establish synergies with ITAINNOVA to advance on this path of the future and generate new development opportunities”, says Verónica Iliescu, CEO of CablesCom.

As a result of the project, it has been possible to manufacture a level of laboratory filament for 3D printing with an approximately homogeneous diameter by recycling ABS coils from three different suppliers. These coils, considered as waste, with the associated cost for their management, can be recycled and converted into another value-added product.