CablesCom, part of Hengtong Group, a benchmark in sustainability

On 28th October, CablesCom, part of Hengtong Group, was represented by its HR Director Isabel Banzo in the Conference “Sustainability, a lever of transformation for SMEs”. The conference was organized by the United Nations Global Compact Spain, the European Union, and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. CablesCom was invited as a benchmark company in Agenda 2030 working methodology and the practical application of Sustainable Development Goals.

In her presentation, Ms. Isabel Banzo reviewed some of the more relevant milestones in this matter, highlighting the main characteristics of Cablescom’s Sustainability Management System in the three dimensions that it encompasses: Social, Environmental and financial.

Finally, Ms. Banzo highlighted some of the concrete actions that are being carried out through the 5 main strategic lines that the company is working on in 2021 in terms of sustainability, and their impact on the 17 SDG’s.