CAF Group’s commitment to climate change

CAF Group joined the SBTi initiative (Science Based Targets Initiative) and Race to Zero, as part of its carbon neutrality strategy. This action is part of the initiatives of alignment against climate change and with the Paris Agreement, which strengthens the company’s commitment to the challenge of climate change.

On the one hand, Science Based Targets (SBT) are composed of emission reduction targets with the highest scientific rigour as they are aligned with climate science and ensure that climate actions can be properly measured and verifiably communicated. On the other hand, Race to Zero is a global campaign under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), led by the High-Level Champions and the COP Presidency. This is made up of a coalition of initiatives and stakeholders including businesses, investors, cities, universities, and other actors in the economy, which aims to mobilize and generate change towards a decarbonised economy before the COP26.