CAF Signalling awarded the refurbishment of the control centre on the Roca Line in Argentina

caf signalling-argentina
caf signalling-argentina

The Argentine Railway Infrastructure Manager, State Company (ADIF SE) has awarded to CAF Sig- nalling the refurbishment of the control centre on the Roca Line, located in the metropolitan area  of Buenos Aires.

With this project, the current system of train moni- toring trains and command tables forming the network will be repla- ced. The contract value amounts to 111,719,647.50 Argentine pe- sos, approximately six million eu- ros, and final handover will take place in 18 months.

CAF Signalling will be entrusted with the supply and installation of  a control centre that will be integrated with the existing signalling in place, based on relay locks. This system will control and represent the railroad traffic that starts from the main station “Constitución,” one of the most important in Buenos Aires, reaching the sectors of Ezeia and Alejandro Korn. The new centre will control 22 command tables (local control posts) along the Roca line, one of the ones with the most densely distributed rail traffic in the country.

NAOS Platform

The company will implement in Argentina one of its most state-of- the-art technological features, the NAOS solution for integrated multifunction control centres. NAOS makes rail operations more user friendly by having the ability to integrate the different operational responsibilities under a single ope- rating position under the assump- tions of safety, reliability, quality and availability.