CAF Signalling has been awarded two new projects for the refurbishment of Centralised Traffic Control Systems (CTC) in Spain


The Railway Infrastructures Manager (ADIF) has awarded CAF Signalling with two tenders in Spain valued at 16 million euros. Firstly, the company will undertake the drafting of the project for the refurbishment of the centralised traffic control centre in several command posts along the railway network for the amount of 8.28 million euros.

In addition, CAF Signalling has been selected by ADIF to draft the project and provide maintenance assistance to the centralised traffic control centre systems (CTC) along the conventional rail line between Leon and Oviedo at a cost of 7.7 million euros. These new assignments are added to the company’s wide-ranging trajectory in the expansion and modernisation of the Spanish network, in which it boasts a standout presence, both in terms of high-speed rail, along with regional rail lines and urban mobility projects.